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Home The Blog Attractions & Days Out 15 Haunted Castles in Scotland. The Blog. 15 Haunted Castles in Scotland Alasdair Peoples August 14, 2019 View Comments. Since the dawn of Scottish history there have been stories of good and evil spirits. They stalk the streets of our cities, finding comfort in the darkest corners. They wander through our forests and swim in our lochs, longing to be close Eilean Donan Castle is one of the most recognized castles in Scotland, in part due to its picturesque setting at the junction of three western Highland lochs: Duich, Long, and Alsh. Named after the island on which it is located, which means “Island of Donan” — believed to refer to 6th-century Saint Donnan of Eigg — the castle was built in the mid-13th century as a defensive fort. Over Castles on Cliffs -- we feature the world's best and most beautiful cliff castles including cliff cave castle Predjama, pirate cliff castle Boccale, Dunnottar Castle, Lichtenstein Castle, the Three Towers of San Marino, Roccascalegna Castle, Swallow's Nest Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Castle La Iruela, & many more. From historic battle sites to homes of lairds and ladies, Scotland's castles are beautifully built in stunning locations. Our list looks at some of the best. The Best Abandoned Castles in the UK. Dunnottar Castle, Scotland. Nestled on a rocky headland 50m above the icy crashing waters of the North Sea, ruins rarely come as dramatic as Dunnottar Castle. Once home to the Earls Marischal, one of the most powerful families in Scotland, the site is believed to date back to the Early Middle Ages. Three spooky castles for sale in Scotland - and the terrifying stories of their history Castles Scotland's castles were often home to mystery, murderous intrigue and the supernatural. Experts believe that Scotland was once home to more than 3000 castles, and although some of them are long gone, there are more than enough remaining to keep visitors occupied. Visitors have their choice of moody ruins perched on clifftops, rugged fortresses in the Highlands, and the well-decorated homes of Earls and Dukes. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a medieval artifact buff, or The first castles of Scotland were knowingly built in the 11 th and 12 th centuries. Throughout the centuries the structure and architectural trends of castles have changed to fit the times and their needs. There have been more than two thousand castles erected in Scotland, all though not all of them have survived the test of time, and some are only found in historical writings and records Built in the 15th century, the Blackness Castles was owned by one of Scotland’s most powerful families, the Crichtons. Often referred to as ‘the ship that never sailed’ due to its great stone ship appearance’, the Blackness Castle has served as a royal castle, prison, armaments depot and film location for Hamlet and the BBC production of Ivanhoe. The Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh, long-known as The Maybury , is situated in an original Art Deco building, just one mile from Edinburgh Airport. Our friendly staff are on-hand to make your visit an immensely enjoyable experience.

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